Company History

Who We Are

Ronald Mark Associates has been marketing, distributing and packaging PVC resin since 1971 and manufacturing vinyl films since 1979. Through acquisitions and joint ventures, combined with taking full advantage of its reach in the PVC resin market, RMA has positioned itself as an innovator and streamlined manufacturer of all types of vinyl films with early successes in the flat roof membrane market as well as critical proprietary vinyl fabrics for the military.

Born from that success is Flex Membranes, an engineered roofing systems company. Furthering RMA’s commitment, continued reinvestment and expansion, along with a growing team of professionals, EPT was established in 2011. EPT is taking RMA’s expertise in flat die extrusion beyond roofing membranes and finding solutions in the fast growing specialty film market while enhancing its product line performance with the addition of urethanes, Elvaloy™ and specialty polymers.

And like so many innovations, while formulating and developing PVC recipes for a variety of customers’ applications, an engineer at RMA discovered a compound with unique color and flow characteristics that evolved into a surface treatment that has no equal. Since KINON™ was first developed 10 years ago, it has been used in 100’s hotels, restaurants and stores all over the world.

When RMA entered the PVC market there were 27 resin manufacturers in the US. Today there are five US producers. Five multi-billion pound companies, whose economics are driven by large commodity, sustained production campaigns, and an export market that cannot be discounted.

The more things change the more things stay the same. Back in 1971 RMA performed a service for fabricators who were being neglected during a resin shortage. Today, with commodity resins and exports the emphasis, RMA continues to cater to and service the needs of all…small to mid size companies, both rigid and flexible, general purpose, and specialty resins.