Coated Fabrics

Coated Fabrics

Ronald Mark Associates (RMA) is the parent company of Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT), a leading U.S. manufacturer of supported and unsupported Polymer Film/Sheet and Coated Fabrics. Founded in 1974, the company utilizes the latest in polymer chemistry and textiles to provide customers with superior products and services. Through the use of our proprietary manufacturing process, EPT can meet the exacting needs of various specifications and applications. Our unique process allows us to produce supported and unsupported products in a thickness range of 1.6 mil. to 120 mil and in widths up to 120” (3.05 m).

Polymer options include, but are not limited to:

Supported products can be reinforced with a wide array of fabrics (woven, knit, non-woven, etc.) that utilize commercially available yarn technologies which include:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Fiberglass
  • Assorted Aramids

EPT products are used for a wide variety of applications, including: 


Engineered Polymer Technologies’ line of EPT XTRM Ply® Geomembranes provides the widest range of products for your geomembrane applications. We can produce up to 10’ width allowing factory fabricated panels with up to 80% less field seams, saving time and expense. The combination of various polymers, fabrics, and widths provide you with endless design options for your project. EPT’s forty plus years of experience matching polymers to applications assures that the products you are buying will meet the demanding needs of your applications

Oil Booms

EPT XTRM PLY® TPU & EIA Spill Response and Permanent Containment Boom Membranes are constructed with our proprietary polymer formulas internally reinforced with a woven fabric that provides a dimensionally stable product that performs at temperatures from –40° F to 250° F and are resistant to the various petrochemicals and oil dispersant agents. By utilizing TPU and EIA polymer you will experience significant improvements in both durability and redeployment when compared to traditional general-purpose PVC membranes that have a limited performance life.

Treadway and Treadway PE for Geomembranes

Treadway PVC Traction and Grip Surfaces are designed to be used as a traffic-bearing walkway on any polymer-based surface. This includes geomembrane liners, secondary-containment, reservoir liners, floating covers and canal liners. Treadway can be manufactured in gray, black and safety yellow for higher visibility. The Treadway surface provides excellent skid resistance and the low profile does not disrupt water run-off.  Special width and length rolls are available, as well as custom thickness and color. Treadway PE is a polyethylene product specially designed for easily adhering the fabric to almost any polyethylene material, such as that used for geomembrane applications. The product can be used as a traffic-bearing walkway on any polymer-based surface. This includes geomembrane liners, Frac Pads and Liners, secondary-containment, reservoir liners, floating covers and canal liners. Treadway PE is manufactured in white sand color (light gray) for higher visibility.

SoundSafe™ Acoustic Barrier

Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) line of SoundSafe products is uniquely designed to act as an acoustic barrier, reducing noise transmission through floors, walls and ceilings.  SoundSafe is a smooth, reinforced high density Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) ideal as an acoustic wrap for machinery, equipment and
ductwork. Typical application consists of applying SoundSafe over studs, joists or suspended ceilings. The product can be screwed, stapled, nailed or hung like a curtain using grommets.

Stat-Safe® Static Dissipative (ESD) Film

Stat-Safe® is a polymer sheet, available with an ​internal fabric reinforcement, that is designed for maximum control of static electricity for a variety of applications. Made of high quality PVC with a proven ESD additibve that prevents charge generation and dissipates charge to ground. Stat-Safe prevents electrostatic discharge events and controls particulate attraction. The ESD performance is completely humidity-independent and permanent.