Ronald Mark Associates is the largest non-producing distributor of PVC resin in North America and has been doing so since its inception in 1974. We have been committed to the PVC industry and continue to grow our business by continued investment in materials handling and downstream equipment..

It is the everyday PVC resin needs that keeps us busy. RMA has the ability to custom formulate and create its own Flexible and Rigid PVC powders. And to blend utilizing high intensity mixers, as well as a proprietary blending system that allows us to blend and package in 40,000 lbs. lots.

  • Product line - We buy and sell prime and off-grade PVC resin from the lowest molecular weight (K-50) to the highest (K-88) and everything in between. We also market a crosslinked Low Gloss PVC resin (K value ≈ 75) in that mix. In addition to Homopolymer PVC resin, we purchase, import, and inventory various grades of copolymer PVC resin.
  • Packaging - Much of what we purchase we buy in bulk. Over the past 10 years large manufacturers have deemphasized selling to the LTL portion of the market and RMA has always recognized and serviced that business segment. The LTL users represent a large portion of our customer base. We can cater to most needs with bags, gaylords, supersacks and individual bulk trucks.

    RMA also provides break bulk services as it often applies to imports. We import both bags and supersacks from Pacific Rim and European companies, which at times requires additional repackaging whether it’s into bulk or bags. This service is provided to companies who aren’t set up for this task and prefer to sub-contract it.
  • Bulk Distribution - We maintain inventories of many of the popular resin types we sell at key locations in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and New England territories. If and when volumes justify it, we are open to expanding our network into other regions of the US.

    We also maintain a fleet of bulk trucks based out of our New Jersey distribution centers.
  • Reclamation - We have sifting, grinding and sorting capabilities at our Pitman, NJ facility where we also package resin and break bulk. Pitman, NJ is located in southern New Jersey halfway between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. That location is ideally located to serve much of the eastern US’s industrial hubs.
  • With rising freight costs and fuel surcharges becoming part of the cost of doing business, the Pitman location lends itself to being part of a solution for those between Maine and the Carolina’s.